Handy Rape Prevention Tips

by BADventist

I’ve been avoiding reading any feminist litrature as of late. It brings back the horrible memories of the politically correct SVY3200. However, a Rape Preventation Cheat Sheet was just too good to pass up.

Every guy is a potential rapist – including you. This sounds like utter bullshit, right?

Sure does. I suppose it is to be expected, poop seems to turning into another feminists talking point.

Part of the problem is that most rapes aren’t the violent stranger-rape type. Many cases of sexual assault happen in cases where the perpetrator doesn’t think what he’s doing is rape.

Sounds like a bit of miscommunication on the rape-ees part.

You may think you’re being daring and confident when you go in for a kiss – the girl on the other end may feel like you’re forcing yourself on her and be legitimately scared for her safety. You may think you’re being coy by putting your arm up in front of the door and saying, “how about a kiss?” – the girl may feel like you’re seriously blocking her from leaving. What you intend doesn’t matter in comparison to how she feels about it.

Gee, this is so helpful. Yes may mean no, and no may mean yes? It wasn’t a lack of communication that was the problem, it was a lack of mind reading!

Watch how much you drink. Quick riddle: what do you call sexual assault when you’re blackout drunk and don’t even realize what you’re doing? Give you a clue: it starts with an R and ends with you in jail.

No matter who gets drunk, it’s the guys fault.

Alcohol shuts off the part of the brain responsible for considering consequences – you may get it in your head that the girl is totally into you, and you just need to get things started and she’ll be ready to go in no time, or you could literally forget that she said “No” two minutes ago.

So no definitly means no, while yes means no depending on how she feels?

And it doesn’t matter how bad you feel the day after, or that you really didn’t intend to force yourself on a girl.

It doesn’t matter how a guy feels, it only matters how he acts? This is probably the most reasonable line in the whole piece. It is a shame though that the author doesn’t see the hypocrisy of holding women to a different standard.

Get clear consent.

Sounds fair enough…

But it’s also important to recognize that “maybe” falls under “not yes,” and “I don’t know” falls under “not yes” and “I guess” falls under “not yes” as well, and even silence falls under “not yes.” Women aren’t socialized to say “no” directly. They’re also not always comfortable with saying “yes,” either. So, sometimes “maybe” means “yes”, and sometimes “maybe” means “no,” and sometimes “maybe” actually means maybe.


Be ready, able, and willing to stop at any time.

With conditions like this I don’t see how anybody could get started.

In conclusion, yes may mean no, no can mean no, and maybe means yes or no. If in doubt, use your mind reading skills.